Our neighbors were sheltering in our Fellowship Hall after being rescued from their flooding homes. Suddenly, just as Red Cross arrived to help them, the water was at our doors – literally. Quick work of church members had sandbags at the doors, but nothing would stop the water from coming in through the foundation. Large pumps loaned by a farmer friend kept the water from drowning the entire sanctuary. Yet everything was drenched. Much was saved but much simply had to be thrown away. We’ve already incurred a bill of $18,000 to simply get our sanctuary ready. Our goal is to raise $50,000. Just one example of the expenses we face, our heating system was flooded with dirty water and now needs cleaned and repaired. We invite our neighbors & friends to JOIN THE ARMY that it will take to bring the Sanctuary back. With your help – Asbury South – once again will be able to serve our neighbors & community through our Community Store, Community Lunch, Friday Morning Breakfast, activities for children and of course, Worship. Thank you so much for caring.

Please send any contributions to:

Asbury UMC South

4760 Winchester Pike Columbus, OH 43232

We are most humbled & grateful for our neighbors.